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The Hickory-Pecan plant catalog

These are seedlings from our multi-species Hickory-Pecan trees, containing genetics from pecan, shagbark hickory, and bitternut hickory. Most of the nuts taste like a good pecan, quite a few taste like an excellent black walnut, and a few will have that sought-after wild hickory taste. Nearly all shells are thin enough to crack with a hand cracker. We will eventually be putting together an info section and further documentation for these plants. In the meantime, however, we do have some existing documentation: The Trickory page in the blog, and some mention in the 2007 Field Day press release.

Looking for hickories to eat? Check out the nut order page.Find out why we don't sell seed-- Yet.

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Catalog Table of Contents:

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NeoHybrid Hickory-Pecan Tubelings

Please see What is a Tubeling? if you are not familiar with this term.

NeoHybrid Hickory-Pecans Thin-Shelled Hickory-Pecans

Hardy with test winters of -40F (that's 40 below 0). The hickories are much less tested than our other stock, mostly due to long generation time. We ship from our best producers, some of which bear heavy annual crops. Parenting ability of these trees is as yet untested, however.

Though we do not yet have enough data to offer our survival guarantee on these plants, initial results with our customers' plantings have been positive. Please keep in mind that hickories will tend to put nearly all their energy into the root in the first couple of years, and under most conditions the top will look puny while the root gets massive.

Standard Hickory-Pecan Tubelings. Item code: Hick1–10: $8.25 ea 11–100: $6.60 ea
101–1,000: $4.95 ea >1,000: $4.15 ea

Supplies are limited, and our unique plant survival guarantee does not yet apply to these unique plants.

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