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Details for Placing Your Order

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The Bare-Root Dormant Tubeling Option

Bare-Root Dormant Tubelings have been doing poorly in the past two years. We are working on both ironing out kinks in production, as well as working out ways to deal with the changes in early-spring planting conditions that have been brought with climate change. Because of this, we are not currently offering any bare-root dormant stock until further notice.

The usual way to transplant trees is "bare-root dormant" stock. This works poorly for hazels, however, as they usually leaf out before they can be dug in the spring. We primarily sell tubelings instead, because in most cases they provide better establishment with our hazels, chestnuts and hickories. Due to the lesser transplant shock, a properly cared for tubeling will usually be larger in the second and third year after planting in the field, when compared to a 2-0 bare-root transplant.

Our regular tubelings are a tried and true path to getting your hazel fields off and running, but we still have customers in very hot climates (zone 8 or higher) who sometimes wish they could plant sooner. We've done extensive planting of the regular tubelings in mid-July and right through August—including plantings made at 8 AM on days with no clouds and temperatures in the 90's (although this is NOT recommended)—with no problems. Really.


We ship orders in the order they are paid, as fast as we can get the plants fully acclimated and ready for the real world. Make your order and payment early if you want a specific delivery date!

This means you might not get your plants right away!. During the early summer, we are sometimes able to ship orders within a couple of weeks of payment, if we have the extra plants on hand and in a shippable state. Otherwise, and even sometimes during that time of the year, it is more likely that there will be 4-8 weeks OR LONGER before your plants are shipped. If you want plants in a hurry, order "just plain" plants, and/or allow substitutions. If you want an exact plant type, order early. The waiting list for some select plant types can be more than a year long.

Tubelings ship and are planted from late May until early July, suspended for about 6-7 weeks and then resume late August through September for Fall shipments. click here to see the latest recommended planting date for your zone.

Seed ships in the second half of November

UPS Ground or US Priority Mail:

Up to $150: $15.00
Over $150: 10%

Overnight or 2nd Day Air orders require a $100 deposit, and will be billed for the additional cost at shipping time. 2nd Day shipping can be a good idea for long distances, but will slow things down for shipments to MN, IA, SD, WI or IL. In some cases we can provide personal air-conditioned van delivery for orders over $1,000; contact our sales department for information.

Restrictions: Due to quarantines we cannot ship plants to WA, OR, CA, FL or BC.

Will-Pick-Up: If you can drive here to pick up your plants, and keep them cool on your trip home, this is the safest way to transport them. If you are ordering by mail call ahead and include your phone number on the order form, otherwise we will arrange a pick-up time with you via e-mail. The handling fee for pick-up orders is:

Up to $1,000: $20 + 2%
Over $1,000: $40 flat fee

Pick-ups must be confirmed no less than a week beforehand with a date and time; if you have to reschedule with less than 3 days notice we will have to charge a second handling fee, since we schedule our other greenhouse and field work around confirmed pick-ups.

Damage: If damage is done during shipment, notify us and the carrier as soon as shipment is received. If you delay the shipper will not take responsibility and the loss is yours.

Shipment of plants to Canada we do NOT currently ship plants to Canada. Sadly, shipment has become less reliable in recent years, and we will not start shipping plants to Canada again until we've got a distributor there; we hope to be able to do this in 2016. If you can pick up plants at Badgersett and take them across the border yourself, that can work. contact us. But no, we really don't ship plants to Canada now.

Detailed planting instructions are shipped with all plants.

Additional notes about your order

Our Plant Guarantees: We modify our guarantees from time to time to ensure the success of you, our customers, and us. Please be sure that you read and understand our guarantees in their entirety before placing your order! Read the plant guarantees...

Terms: Minimum order $75 with shipping included. Full payment must be received prior to shipment, except for large orders as described below. In the event you cancel the order within 60 days of placing the original order, 50% deposit is not refundable; we plant based on orders on file, and plants are perishable. If we ship you the plants and you need replacements, see our plant replacement guarantees. We WILL NOT issue you a refund for orders that we have shipped!

Refunds: Badgersett can not issue refunds on orders! Unless we cannot fill your order in 2 consecutive growing years, we will send you a refund upon your request. If you have questions, please contact us.

Substitutions: Since we always have some categories that run out early, your chances of having your order filled near your requested ship date will be greatly increased if you signify that you are willing to accept substitutions. We'll send equal or better quality and nothing we wouldn't plant ourselves. All orders for more than 500 plants MUST agree to accept substitutes.

Large orders: Our standard terms include the option for customers with orders over $1,000 to pay half of the cost at the time of the order and half on delivery.

Early Payment Discount: For orders over $1,000 for the current year, we offer a 5% discount if your order is received before March 1. If you choose to take this discount, payment must be made in full at the time of the order. In the current business climate, this saves money for both customer and seller.

Plant Breeding History: Many of our hazels are grown (for our own use) with information about their specific breeding line. We will provide that information if you specifically request it, but we must add a charge for the service of $20/1000 plants.

Please be sure you read and understand our Plant Guarantees, as well as the Shipping and Additional info above, before placing your order.

To order by e-mail:
Copy this text order form into an e-mail to (PayPal Verified), fill it out and send it. Once we have begun processing your order, you will get an e-mail invoice from PayPal with instructions on how to pay.

Please note: Some businesses block PayPal e-mail. To avoid such problems, you may wish to use a personal e-mail address in your order. Order processing both at Badgersett and at PayPal can take a variable amount of time, but in most cases you should receive an invoice from our PayPal account within 7 days.

To order by mail:

  1. Download and print the following order form:

    PDF order form. May require Adobe Reader or similar software.

  2. Mail it , with a check or money order made out to Badgersett Research Corporation, to:

    Badgersett Research Corporation
    18606 Deer Road
    Canton, MN 55922-9740

To order by phone:
We cannot take credit card payments over the phone, but if you prefer to you can call us toll free at (888) 557-4211 x5 and leave a clear message with the information requested on this text order form. Once we have begun processing your order, you will get a call or e-mail invoice from us, and you may complete payment either by mailing a check or using PayPal.

Please note: Some businesses block PayPal e-mail. To avoid such problems, you may wish to use a personal e-mail address in your order. Phone Order processing both at Badgersett and at PayPal can take a variable amount of time, but in most cases you should receive an invoice from us within 2-7 days.