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The Survivor Butternut archived catalog

Sorry, we are sold out, and do not have plans to grow more any time soon.

The parents of these trees have had active butternut cankers for 30 years and have continued to grow and produce nuts. See Badgersett Bulletin 8 for details on the wild parents of these Survivor butternuts, and why they are particularly special.

We currently have a limited stock of bare-root butternuts; 4-0 and 5-0 seedlings. The genetics are wild; see the USGS butternut range map and the Wikipedia entry on butternuts to get an idea if they make sense for you.

We do not sell nuts from these trees for any purpose at this time.

Catalog Table of Contents:

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Bare-Root Dormant Butternuts

These trees are available as "bare-root dormant" stock. They were started as tubelings and planted in a seedbed for initial survival screening. These have NOT been individually screened for surviving the canker. We think it is quite possible they will do as well as the trees described in Bulletin 8, but since we do not know the true nature of the disease relationship here on the farm we can make no guarantees regarding their performance elsewhere. As a rare and tasty nut, though, we recommend giving it a try!

4-0 Survivor Butternuts; 8-26" 1–5: $12.70 ea; 6-15: $9.80 ea; >15: $7.50 ea

5-0 Survivor Butternuts; 12-36" 1–5: $14.60 ea; 6-15: $11.20 ea; >15: $8.50 ea


Bare-root stock ships mid-April through mid-May.
As soon as we can get it out of the ground, and before it's broken dormancy too far.

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