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Badgersett Information Products and Services

Here at Badgersett we conduct research and development of woody agriculture systems, because knowing how to grow the plants, harvest the crops and sell them is as important as having plants worth growing. Badgersett has both the longest-proven and most advanced information available on woody agriculture systems, period.

For a long time we've tried to offer considerable information services for free, but particularly as demand has increased that has led to a lower-quality and less available offering. With this in mind, we are now offering three types of information services. To help you understand what you need and how we think about these offerings, we don't consider serious growers to have had a sufficient introduction to the material until they have attended at least one Short Course and one Field Day.

If you are interested in booking Philip Rutter for a scientific or introductory seminar, please contact Badgersett Information.

Held every year since 1991, our annual field day is the best hands-on introduction to what Woody Agriculture is all about. Held each year on the third Saturday in August, we offer both introductory and advanced tours, including the most recent developments and the most advanced information made publicly available. See the Field Day page for more information.

Held every April since 2006, the annual two-day short course is a more in-depth event covering details of both the theory behind and practice of Woody Agriculture crop production. This event usually includes considerable information focused on hazelnut production, as well as some chestnut-specific lectures. Attendance is highly recommended for current and potential serious producers. The most up-to-date and advanced material is covered, some of which is not made available elsewhere except through consulting.

Organizing a short course at your location with customized topic coverage is possible; contact Badgersett Information for details.

When you need Badgersett expertise in planning and troubleshooting tailored to your situation, or more in-depth information and training on a specific topic, take advantage of our consulting services. We offer both on-site and at-Badgersett services, with deep discounts for serious plant customers.