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Contacting Badgersett

Last updated July 18, 2015

About contacting us

Although we are officially a corporation, we are still a small, family-run operation.  The people who answer phones and emails are the same people who do shipping, billing, planting, watering, mowing, harvesting, nut processing, and sheep and horse management. For this reason, we cannot answer most phonecalls with questions about what we do. Most of your questions will have answers available in our book, Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts,  or somewhere here on this website. If there is a piece of information that is missing or hard to find, please email the webmaster.

Sales are almost entirely web-based at this point, with the exception of event days like our Annual Field Day (LINK). We have various email addresses set up for folks to check the status of their orders or contact us about other things. You can ask us a) if we've received your order, b) if we have any idea when we'll be shipping it, c) if you can change the order in some way. We'll try to get these handled daily, but have time specifically set by on Fridays. Because we can do email at whatever moment we have free, there's an outstanding chance that we'll get your email answered long before we can get a phone call returned.

Please check our FAQ first! Our most frequently asked questions are, indeed, answered there.

Inquiry Email address General information,
Arrange pick-up Place an order,
Order status Website question/

We take payments and orders online (via PayPal) or by mail. Our mailing address is:

  • Badgersett Research Corporation
  • 18606 Deer Road
  • Canton, MN 55922

If you're coming to an event or to pick up plants, please see the Road Map linked on the About Badgersett page.

If you need to reach us by phone, please leave a message. Being busy, we rarely have anyone near the phone, so when you call, you will always get the answering machine. We will make our best effort to deal with your concerns, but it may be days before we have the time to sit down and tackle the stacks of messages. This may depend on the weather and what other emergencies we have on hand. Realistically, we get about 10 phone calls a day from very nice people who want to learn about our plants. It is impossible to have such a phone call last less than 15 minutes. That amounts to 2.5 hours per day, right there, not including time needed to get into, and out of, other chores. We simply do not have anyone here who can do this.

You will often get our attention, and an answer, faster with an email or an old-fashioned letter.

We apologize for being hard to reach. It's not how we would like to do business, but until we have more staff, we are stuck with it.

Think of us as leprechauns.  We're here, somewhere; and if you can catch us - we consider that fair.  

Hang in there—little by little, the "business" end of the operation will become more businesslike. But probably not this year.