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Where to buy Badgersett Chestnuts

Fresh chestnuts are only seasonally available from late fall into early spring, until we sell out. The following vendors only carry our chestnuts while they are in season, and they vary annually.

Aside from our farm, here is a list of vendors, by state, who are selling Badgersett Chestnuts this season. All vendors are retail unless otherwise stated.

In addition to wholesale, some vendors are actually restaurants that have incorporated our Chestnuts into their tasty menus—these are designated as "restaurants". Please plan on purchasing an item from their menu instead of buying raw chestnuts from them by the pound.

If you would like to order them directly from us and have them shipped straight to your door, please visit our nut order page.



Oneota Food Coop
312 West Water Street
(563) 382-4666



The People's Food Coop
1001 6th St NW
(507) 289-9061

St. Paul

Heartland: A Contemporary
Midwestern Restaurant
(both restaurant and market)
289 East Fifth Street, Suite 104
(651) 699-3536

Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op
1810 Randolph Avenue
(651) 690-0507

622 Selby Avenue
(651) 310-9499


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