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Short Course Testimonials

Here at Badgersett we consider the Short Course to be one of the cornerstones for people building experience and expertise in Woody Agriculture. We think it's an excellent event, but you don't have to just take our word for it!

"Your course is an excellent educational opportunity and well worth the time and money."
-Dr. Steven Dahlberg, Science Program Head and Extension Educator, White Earth Tribal and Community College

"I know that you probably wanted a shorter, one-paragraph testimonial, but there was so much to brag about, that I had to include everything"
-Matt Nowak, Natural Resources Specialist for Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

"Being able to talk in person to Phil Rutter and other hazelnut growers who have hands-on experience for two daysis invaluable. They have a wealth of experience and have been able to answer questions and help me with problems and concerns I've had about my planting."
-Nancy Adams, Minnesota Grower

"As for the presentations:   They were just awesome."
-Erlyn Madsen, Utah Grower