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Badgersett Consulting Services

Through our consulting services Badgersett offers you direct, one-on-one access to both the longest-proven and most advanced information available on woody agriculture systems, period.

Our consulting fee schedule is given below; all consulting is billed as fees PLUS expenses. Discounts are available; check the bottom of the page. Both fees and discounts are likely to undergo some change as we find the offerings which give you the best value and us the most feasability. If, between ordering and fulfillment of the order, we change the fee/discount structure so that it would give you a better deal: you price will be updated to get the better deal.

Services are subject to scheduling; to schedule a consulting visit or session write to Badgersett Information.

Fee Schedule

On-Site 1 day: $550; 2 days: $875

Field check-ups, best management practices planning and training, investigation and solution of specific problems. If travel permits, hourly on-farm consulting is available for $65/hr.

At Badgersett $45/hr; $90 minimum

Tours, general information, planning, field management training, and more.


Large orders:

>500 plant order: 50% off 1 day / 8 hours

>1,500 plants: 50% off 2 days / 16 hours

>5,000 plants: expenses only, one 1-day and one 2-day on-site consult.


15% discount on on-farm hourly consulting rate (travel expenses also already covered by delivery, in some cases)


80% off at-Badgersett rates (not valid for groups with non-stockholder members), 60% off 2 days/16 hours per year other rates.