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How do I know my plants are ready for pick-up at Badgersett?

We will email or call you about a week ahead of when they will be ready for you. The order form includes a spot for your telephone number. This is where we put that to good use.

We'll need to hear back from you as to exactly when you expect to get here. We do not have any "sales" staff, and we do not always have staff available (particularly on weekends), so we need to be sure someone will be on hand to get you your plants. Either call and leave us a message at (888) 557-4211 x5 (toll free), or email us, letting us know what day and hour you expect to arrive here.

If you have to reschedule with less than 3 days notice we will have to charge a second handling fee, since we schedule our other greenhouse and field work around confirmed pick-ups.

Be aware that the road down to the greenhouse is grass and dirt, and not drivable in rain! Even 4-wheel-drive vehicles will damage our poor road when it's wet. If you get here to pick up your plants on a rainy day, we'll help you get your plants to your car, in our hill-top parking lot. It may be a wet walk in to track us down, though. Knowing when to expect you will help.