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Can I really plant in July?

Yes you can —depending.  Standard tubelings can be planted from May until our recommended late plant date for your growing zone.  After these dates your first-year mortality will start to increase, and be much more sensitive to ideal care and planting conditions:

  • July 30 for Zone 5 and colder.
  • August 30 for Zone 6
  • Sept. 20 for Zone 7

Several of our most successful plantings, in the upper midwest, have been done in late July- even in drought conditions.  But only with good "follow-up"!

These dates are earlier than our previous latest planting recommendations. In the recent few years, fall planting has been overall less successful than before, and some of our growers have had very serious mortality. Most of this appears to be a result of unusual weather extremes: early freezes, excessive winter moisture and freezing farther south have contributed to direct mortality. Extended growing seasons or early warmth has also been confusing the plants and adding to transplant and seasonal-clock-reset stress. 

Bareroot tubelings, not available every year, and very much not the same thing as standard tubelings,, need to be planted in spring before their buds break; we ship these April 15 - May 30.