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Two-Day Short Course:Woody Agriculture: Theory and Hazelnut Practices

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Last updated March 8, 2010

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Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, Lanesboro, MN
April 10-11, 2010

While much of the content and format will be similar to the 2008 short course, there will be some changes, and the newest research results are of course new every year! The tentative syllabus is posted below and will be updated as it is developed.

We highly recommend getting there on Friday night— there is no extra fee for it this year. The two days we have available are none too long; we're going to be cramming at least a semester's worth of information into this course. Our first meal is breakfast on Saturday, and our first class will start on Saturday at 9 AM. At the moment, it's not clear whether we will be having classes after the evening meal on Saturday or not; if we really need the time, we'll try. Last class should end at 4 PM Sunday. During the weekend, we will arrange for a Monday tour of Badgersett Farm for those who are interested (weather permitting).


The accommodations at Eagle Bluff were primarily designed as school "dormitories", with each room having 2 bunk beds. Photos can be found here. You can find more general information about the facility at the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center home page.


Since most of their clientele arrive in school buses, Eagle Bluff does not have a regular commercial bus service. Please email us if you need help getting there. We are also limited, but we'll do our best to help out here. In past years we've had a number of people flying into or coming down from Minneapolis/St. Paul; we'll try to put you in touch with each other, at the least.

You can refer to Eagle Bluff's directions for maps and instructions for how to get there. Alternatively, detailed directions can be found at these two places: MapQuest or Google Maps.

Basically, Eagle Bluff is on the road (County 8) between Lanesboro and Fountain. Signs directing to Eagle Bluff are good and fairly hard to miss. If you've never been there before, however, it would be good to allow a little extra time to find it.

Pre-Class Reading

If this were a formal university class, these would be "required reading". Please do make an effort to read what you can, as it will speed the classes considerably.

On the Badgersett Website:

Highly Recommended:

  • Smith, J. Russell. 1987. Tree Crops: A Permanent Agriculture. Washington, DC: Island Press. This should be available in most university libraries.
  • Rosenzweig, Michael, 2003. Win-Win Ecology: How the Earth's Species Can Survive in the Midst of Human Enterprise. New York: Oxford University Press. Go to the Win-Win Ecology website.

Rough Course Outline

State-of-the-art material is presented in each section with updates every year; sections entirely new to the course are marked as NEW! The whole schedule is tentative at this point, but particularly tentative sections are also marked- let us know which ones you'd most like to hear.

Day 1: Classes will start with Woody Agriculture theory and progress to details of establishment and planning, primarily focussing on hazels:

  • Woody Agriculture Introduction: Theory and Energetics: Why; and How
  • Basic Hazel Biology—plant morphology, physiology, genetics, species ecology
  • Chestnuts, Hickories, and Others
  • NEW! The Badgersett Hazel Breeding Program - Specifics on Cycles 1 through 4, with the math.
  • Establishment— site selection, planting, and weed control
  • NEW! Life Cycle Hazel Spacing— with effects on yield and long-term management

Day 2: The detail continues, with fertilization, pest management, marketing and sales:

  • Fertilizing— how to assess and optimize hazel fertility
  • Harvest and Post Harvest— ripeness assessment, state of the art hand harvest techniques and machine capability
  • Pest Management in Detail—mammals, birds, insects, plants and fungi
  • TENTATIVE Propagation, high and low tech—involving examination of actual plants in class, and including our proprietary on-farm cloning method.
  • TENTATIVE Coppice— important details of this field renovation practice
  • NEW! Nut Quality faults, sorting, grading for sales
  • NEW! Marketing Including specifics on creating markets for new products.

It is not recommended to attend only one day.

Weather permitting, those who can stay for the Monday following the course will be invited to tour the plantings at Badgersett Farm for informal observation and discussions.


Philip A. Rutter, MS

Founder, Badgersett Research Corporation
Founding President, The American Chestnut Foundation
Past President, Northern Nut Growers Association

Mr. Rutter created the concept and coined the phrase "Woody Agriculture", and he is the originator of the "poly-hybrid swarm" breeding technique.


Still at 2008 Prices!: $279 ealry bird registration received by March 26; $309 after March 26

Includes 2 nights lodging (Friday and Saturday nights) and 6 meals, starting with supper on Friday. Sunday night lodging available for $15.

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