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Last updated August 9, 2007

Badgersett is a type C for-profit research and development corporation, directed and operated by Mr. Philip A. Rutter. We are not part of any university or non-profit organization, although we cooperate with several. In the past, we published Root & Branch, a newsletter and catalog. At present, we only publish information and plant catalogs online.

We are located in the southeastern corner of Minnesota, about 8 miles north of Iowa and 60 miles west of the Mississippi River. The farm is 160 acres of silt-loam soil, on the hilly uplands above the river. Winter temperatures are comparable to those 200 miles north, growing zone 4.

Our first nut trees were planted more than 25 years ago. Large plantings began in 1981.

Our goals are to design and develop the plants, tools, and techniques needed for profitable woody agriculture, the production of main-crop food staples from woody plants; to make these tools and plants available to others; and to support the new crops and farmers as they grow.


To see who answers your email, packs your plants, or plows the snow off the road in January, visit the personnel page.


Our collaborators page has info on and links to some of the great oganizations, companies, and laboratories we work with to move woody agriculture into the mainstream.

Getting Here

Badgersett Research Farm is somewhat off the beaten path, and even today's navigation and mapping software usually fails when trying to locate 18606 Deer Road. We'll try to let them know where we are, but in the meantime please do use the map below, or download and print our higher quality PDF Road Map [76 KB]

How to Get to Badgersett Farm