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Last updated September 24, 2009

Badgersett Research Corporation (BRC) is a pre-IPO, dynamic company which has been working for 30 years to transform agriculture into a nondestructive enterprise. BRC is the originator and developer of Woody Agriculture systems, whose primary products are advanced hybrid nut-producing plants, and the technical know-how for growing, harvesting and marketing these crops. Our products have growing demand in both domestic and international markets. Effectively addressing this expanding demand has become increasingly difficult with our current structure of corporate operations, and we are in the process of seeking applicants to fill immediate needs for the growth and development of BRC and Woody Agriculture.

Open Positions
Future Positions

Positions Badgersett expects to have open in the near future. Contact apply _at badgersett _dot com if you wish to be notified when one of these jobs becomes available.

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Database Developer/IT Manager
  • Greenhouse/Nursery Manager
  • Manager of Web Services