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Last updated July 2, 2012

Gourmet Smoke Woods Sustainably Grown, Harvested Fresh

At Mabel Farmers Market or Order Online

All our gourmet smoke woods are harvested either from trees we've planted, or from native trees we manage sustainably in our wild-wood. None of our trees have ever been sprayed with pesticides, which is sometimes a concern for fruit and nut woods. We're Beyond Organic.

We offer something very hard to find; our smokewoods are fresh — which means they haven't been losing flavor drying out in a warehouse for two years. All the natural aromatics of the fresh wood are still there. Since the smokewood will still be green when you put it on your grill, it won't need much soaking in water beforehand to prevent it from just burning away. Green wood makes the best smoke; and the most; you won't need to use much. Dry wood burns — Fresh wood smokes!

We don't think anyone else offers the wide selection we do; and some of our smoke woods are just not available anywhere except from us.

Some of our smokewood is small in diameter; often from branches less than 1 inch thick- that means the bark to wood ratio is high- and yes, the flavors may be more intense in the bark.

  • Apple
    A favorite mild smoke, often used for pork and bacon. Malus domestica.

  • Hazelnut
    Simply not available elsewhere. A mild smoke close to alder, its relative. Corylus x hybrids

  • Alder
    Famous as smoke for salmon, but good mild smoke for poultry too. Alnus spp

  • Chestnut
    Mostly like oak; we're still finding out. Castanea x hybrids

  • Oak
    Favored by many for beef; straightforward. Quercus spp.

  • Sugar Maple
    Another pork and bacon favorite; ours is the genuine "hard" or "rock" maple. Acer saccharum.

  • Wild Black Cherry
    Distinctive, particularly our fresh smoke. Often mixed with apple or hickory; our favorite for chicken. Prunus serotina.

  • Hickory-Pecan
    Our trees are hybrids of pecan and 3 species of hickory; the smoke varies a little tree by tree; usually stronger than pecan. Excellent hickory flavor. Carya x hybrids

  • Wild Pecan
    Grown on our farm. No nuts; lots of wood; great mild hickory-type smoke. Carya illinoiensis

  • Bitternut Hickory
    Many say this is the strongest hickory flavored of all. Carya cordiformis

  • Minnesota Sichuan-Pepper Bush (Prickly Ash)